Mateo & Laura {Edgewood Mansion Big Bear Photographer}

I am thrilled to announce Mateo & Laura’s wedding! These two have known each other for 5 years!!

Here’s how they met: They met in 2009 through a mutual friend at a karaoke bar.

As for the proposal. It was all about making a salad! It’s cute story, she was getting home from a long day, he wanted her to help him make a salad, she did not want to help make that salad. Finally she said fine I will make the salad, well, that was where the ring was and he asked her to marry him. She felt bad after knowing why he really wanted her help, but of course said YES!!

The wedding was truly beautiful. Saying I do under the changing oak trees with a slight breeze blowing, it was a beautiful fall day here in the mountains! Oh, and the pumpkins! They were all hand painted by Laura and her daughter! Loved them!!

The wedding was at Edgewood Mansion followed by the reception just down the walk way at the same location. A big thank you goes out to these awesome companies that helped make Mateo & Laura’s day so special.

Cake Maker: Niki’s Custom Cakes {Dessert Bar}

DJ: Matt Chapman

Caterer: Marie’s Exclusive Catering

Florist: Little Green House

Their reception was also pretty fun! I have never seen a first dance like theirs. They started off dancing to Adam Sandler’s I want to grow old with you and then it turned to Elvis and they started swing dancing! They are A-Mazing dancers! It was so fun to watch Mateo swing Laura around the dance floor, she did flips and dips!! So cool to be there to watch them

A few moments Laura loved about the wedding day, watching her daughter whirling around in her tutu on the dance floor, Mateo’s spontaneous karaoke songs and their first swing dance as husband and wife.

Wish you could have been there, too, blog readers! At least you can live through the pictures!

rustic wedding big bear mansionLove One Another Photography

first dance is awesome

One thought on “Mateo & Laura {Edgewood Mansion Big Bear Photographer}

  1. Emily Harris

    Oh Trudy – Thanks for the pictures!!! WOW!!! What a spectacular weekend and the most BEATIFUL Wedding in a Fabulous setting!!!! I am still reliving that wonderful weekend!!! Thanks for the pictures!!! Aunt Emily

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