Going to the chapel {Lake Arrowhead Engagement Photographer}

Hi everyone!

Let’s all give it up for one of the cutest couples on the planet: Tyler & Alyssa!

Alyssa told me all about how Tyler and her met. Instagram!! Yep, she commented on a malt shake photo Tyler posted and then they decided they wanted to hang out!!

She also filled me in on the proposal. They went to Disneyland on Oct. 27, 2013 and right when the park opened they went in and decided to take pictures in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. When they were going to start he got down on his knee and asked me while everyone around staring and smiling. Of course, she said Y-E-S!

Their wedding date is set for July 4, 2015. They will be getting married at her sister’s house in Riverside. They are most excited about… everything! They’re also excited to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s so clear that this couple is head-over-heels for each other!

You’ll see what I mean when you see these photos!


engagement pictures in the mountains

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