Family Pictures in the woods {Arrowhead Photographer}

I am asked all the time, where do you suggest we take our family pictures, we want them up in the mountains. So, I send links to my clients to give them an idea of different locations up here. They choose one, I tell them where to meet me and we start the session.

Most of the time, the locations I photograph are literally off in the forest some where. I find these locations that I love, look great in pictures but there is no address for them. The directions I have are… meet at the high school, we will drive to a turn out, cross the highway, walk in the woods a little bit and we will be there. Exactly like this session was. We parked at a turn out and walked in the woods a little bit.

This family is a local family. The kids grew up here and went to school. Mom and Dad still live in Arrowhead and the kids have moved off the mountain and started their own families. Dec. 28th is when we got together and it was very cold. It was right before the storm we had up here last week and the kids little teeth were chattering, parents had them wrapped in blankets in between the shots. It was just plain cold.

Despite the temps, I enjoyed hanging out with this sweet family and I think we were able to get some great pictures of everyone…not looking tooo cold.

Family Pictures in the Mountains




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