A little Photoshop awesomeness!

So I was asked to do some head shot for a pediatric dental office which my kids go to. {If you need an awesome, kind, welcoming, happy & kid friendly dentist for the little kids in your life… Just 4 Kids in Redlands is A-MAZING!} Back to the point… I did these head shots fond a great spot that made each of the ladies “pop”. They turned out great…  Just4Kids-31-Editwell one of the beautiful ladies had glasses. I could not photograph her in the same location because of the glare from the background. So I photographed her under an awning, well the lighting was not good and I was just not happy with the way this one image would look next to the other images… Head ShotsNice shot, colors off and lighting…just not happy with. So then I remembered that I did go a head and take a picture of her with her glasses at the original location and a picture of her with out her glasses in the original location {she said “I can just take them off” but I wanted her to look like she does on a day-to-day basis} So…then with some Photoshop magic… Here is her final headshot, glasses and all!Head shots

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