Dont forget your mom!!!

Dont forget to get your mother’s day gifts.

LOA Studios session mountain photographer Moms day is just around the corner and a family session is always a great gift for mom. Book your spot today!!

Mommy :: Wife :: Photographer :: Friend :: Artist

You see so many cool blogs. Some are inspiring, funny, beautiful and some are just great content. Know that the people who are blogging, whether it’s someone hired to blog for a company or whether it’s the owner blogging, it’s just hard to think of new stuff all the time. Stuff that people want to see or read about. Yes, I can throw up pictures, but I feel like I need to say something about them and so then I just don’t blog and then I forget and pretty soon it’s been a few months. So I’m going to try to keep this up. Even if it’s just pictures or re-blogging some one elses awesome stuff… I’m going to try. I should also note that I’m not a writer. My grammar is not good nor my spelling… so what I’m saying… is enjoy the pictures. =) LOL

To start off…

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