Benson Maternity {Running Springs Photographer}

Whooo hoooo! It’s a boy!

Chris & Alissha are officially expecting a little man to join their family. The little bundle of cuteness is set to arrive in just nine short weeks. So far, Alissha has had a somewhat easy pregnancy. Like most moms in their final trimester, she is counting down the days until Mr. Caleb is welcomed into our world!

Even though Alissha expressed she was a somewhat self-conscious due to her hair – she genuinely looked stunning.

Throughout the session, I made sure to incorporate some of Alissha’s favorite things, are watching the baby move around in her belly. “I could spend hours watching him. I haven’t had any major cravings; I did crave fish and chips with a lot of lemon one day and definitely made it a point to get some!”

Check out some of my favorite shots from our session together at an off the beaten path, here in Running Springs.

See? I told you she was beautiful! Can’t wait to meet little Caleb when he finally arrives!

mountain pregnancy pictures

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