Living Healthy with Jaime Stiansen

I would like to introduce you to my friend Jaime. She is a beautiful women full of wisdom, laughter & strength. We have been friends for a couple of years now and I’m just truly blessed to know her. She is so smart in many MANY subjects. From scripture, prayer, healthy living, gluten-free eating, wine… and so much more. And, she is funny…but more funny because she doesn’t know she is funny. =)

She, among other things, is a health coach. When her kids were younger she realized that a lot of what we feed our kids is not helpful for them as people or their growth. She tried doctors to tell her what the problems were, but they had no solutions. She then went to an elimination diet to figure out why her kids were sick and not getting better. Well, come to find out they are allergic to some products in bread and sugar intolerant among other things. Then started her journey to healthy living. Eating, exercising to better her family’s life style. Fast forward to now, she is an amazing mom who provides healthy meals and snacks for her children. She wants to best for the kids are our school and strives to find healthy alternatives to the normal, cupcakes and ice cream parties. She lives a balanced life, so her kids are not feeling deprived.

Her business is called HealtHoot. This company was birthed out of love of the people. They offer mobile health coaching for families, businesses and individuals. They are striving to live authentically and make healthy choices with our children, ourselves, and our marriages.
Her website will be launching so check our her facebook page to see what she is all about! HealtHoot
 life coach and healthy living

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