Resort – yummy eats! {Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photographer}

If you have not checked out The Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa for your wedding or just for a weekend get away, you need to. It’s a beautiful location nestled in the trees and right on the lake up here. The views are stunning and the rooms are top-notch.

The last 9 or so years I have had the honor of being on their preferred vendor list for weddings. It’s not an easy task to be on the list and to stay on it, so it truly is an honor! Recently I was asked by the resort to be a vendor at their invite only bridal show. So, of course I said YES! The brides that come up to the resort and awesome! They fall in love with the scenery, the people and it’s a bonus when they also fall in love with my work!

This year at the bridal show they wanted to show case some ideas for late night snacks, great ideas and I just happen to have my camera with me. One thing I didn’t get a picture of was the Frito Pie. Okay, so you think, it’s a casserole that has Frito chips and then chili on top. Well, come to find out, here is how you eat Frito Pie. You take a bag of Frito chips, open the bag, pour chili directly into the bag, add cheese and onions on top of what is in your bag, grab a fork and enjoy. Ah ha ha, I had never heard of this. But I will be trying it, sound like something awesome and I think my kids will enjoy it!! Thank you again, Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa for including me in your awesome event!

late night snacks food

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