Guess what?!

Oh my gosh. What a privilege this was! This was my first shoot of this kind!! I got a call from Laura saying she was pregnant {which is exciting enough} but she had not told her husband {or any one for that matter} yet and wanted to do it during a photo session. Did you catch that?! I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT!! AHH, how awesome! So, we set up how we were going to do the session, I talked with her a lot the days leading up to it. By the time we did the session she was a month and a half along.

So the first part of the session was just a “love” theme. Guys tend to not like taking pictures so we had to come up with something so he would not have any reason to say no, or back out. They were married in Jan, so it was not even an anniversary excuse. We told him that Laura had entered a contest on my website and they won! Yeah!! We talked and laughed through the fist part of the session and then it came time. I was tearing up, I had to remind my self, I must not cry… I’m taking the pictures. Sheesh.

Okay, so before they came to the session, Laura and I decided we would have them write what they love about each other on a chalk board and then they would reveal it in the pictures. So he poured his heart out, it was so sweet, but her chalk board said your going to be a daddy. OH my GOSH. What a sweet moment!! He didn’t stop smiling the rest of the session and she was glowing!! One of my favorite moments to be part of!

daddy, prego, guess what

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