Stock Images Photographer

I posted on Facebook not to long ago that I’m selling on a stock website. Its called ShutterStock.

It is not an easy task. I tried a few times years ago but gave up. And now finally I was “accepted”. With this specific website, Shutter Stock, you have to submit 10 images and have all 10 images approved. If you submit 10 and only get 2 approved then you are still not “in”. So years ago, I submitted 10 and got all of them denied. Tried again about a year later, and again, they were all denied. About 4 months ago I decided to try again and this time I got 6 approved in one shot. So I submitted more images and was finally approved. All 10 were approved. I felt accomplished!

So, now I’m selling stock images that I shoot on this website. People from all over the world can download these images and I get the royalties. It’s so fun to watch. After day one I had earned .25. yes, twenty-five cents. But how fun that someone in Australia liked my image and downloaded it! I’m only up to $6 now after a few months, but I’m working on getting a few images up there that sell well and watch that $6 go up! YEA ME!

Check out my profile here…

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