Dragon Boats

Last Saturday, I had a great time photographing the Dragon Boat Races at Lake Gregory. It was so fun to watch and exhausting to see. So many people came out to support their teams and it was a beautiful day to be in the water!

I loved watching the teams, so teams seemed like they were a group of friends and thought this would be a fun thing to do and other teams were very serious and knew what they were doing.

3-4 boats race at a time and one group had 2 boats filled with adults and 1 boat filled with kids. As they were headed out, I thought, the kids don’t have a chance, the adults are stronger and have more power in their strokes. Well, I was wrong, the kids blew the other two boats out of the water. The kids were a team, that trained and were totally ready! So fun to watch!

I can’t wait till next year!!

boat races at Lake Gregory

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