Perfection all around! {Circle Oak Ranch Wedding Photographer}

Tyler & Brittany! Thank you, THANK YOU for allowing me to be part of your wedding day! It was such a beautiful time. Both sets of parents are still married, the family unit is so strong on both sides of the family and the love between Brittany and Tyler is special! From the sunflowers, to the cowboy boots, everything was amazing.

Brittany is such a fun person! Tyler and Brittany wrote their own vows. Somehow, forgotten somewhere were her vows. She wrote them out and had them ready but the never ended up getting in the officiant folder for her. So she had to wing it. She did great! And then, after the ceremony, after family and wedding party pictures, 1/2 way through her and Tyler’s pictures, she says… “Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to put my veil on!” She is so funny and she just went with the flow.

You both are amazing people and I can not wait to watch your love and your family grow!! Congrats!!

Did I mention how amazing Circle Oak Ranch is? Ron & Jennifer are a sweet couple. They own this location and live here. It’s quaint, rustic and stunning!! It’s always a pleasure to see them and work at their location!


wedding location in fallbrooke wedding at the ranch rustic wedding on the ranch fallbrooke

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