She said YES! {Big Bear Wedding Proposal Photographer}

I was so nervous! And excited…my daughter would call it nerv-a-cited. LOL

Anyway, David called about a month ago and asked if I would photograph him proposing to his girlfriend! He knew he wanted to do it in Big Bear, but he didn’t have a specific spot picked out yet. So we talked about it and planned on the location.

The day finally arrived and I was excited for them to get to the location. He wanted to do it in a more secluded area surrounded by trees… So I made a little pile of rocks on the walk way and told him to turn right at the rocks, then follow the arrow in the snow made out of wood and then x will mark the spot! I was worried, what if he didn’t see the marker, what if he went the wrong way, what if I missed the entire thing! Well, I’m happy to say all worked out, she was surprised and she said YES! What an honor it is to be there!

Congrats to both of you!!

big bear lake photographer

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