Tween Sessions {Crestline Photographer}

I’ve been inspired to begin offering sessions designed for the tween age group (9-12). As my oldest daughter has grown into a tween herself {11 years old}, I have become enamored with the little girl who is growing up so fast! It’s such a joy to see her with her good friends and watch her create bonds that I truly think will last a lifetime. I’m seeing glimpses of her changing from girl into a teenager and I know in a blink of an eye she will be grown up, and I want to capture her just as she is, today. If you’re reading this as a tween mom yourself, I’m sure you can relate! Piper & Clair Photography wrote a great article on Tween Session. I adjusted a few things, but she said exactly what I wanted to write, but much better than I could have written it!
Here’s why you should consider booking a Tween session to document this time in your child’s life:

1. It’s the last time your kids are children before they become young adults. Pretty soon your sweet baby’s face will change as they hit puberty and they will start to look like the young adults they are growing into. As a mother of a tween myself, I know there’s only so much time left before they are full-fledged teenagers. Right now, they will still be silly and act like a kid. Soon, they will be seeking their independence and freedom.

2. A photo shoot boosts self-esteem.  This may be my favorite reason to document tweens. Who doesn’t want to feel like a model? Taking pictures of girls at this stage is a great way to make them feel good about themselves. It’s my mission to make my tween clients look and feel beautiful.  I want them to be reminded that although this is a tough and awkward age, they are still beautiful. I want these girls to know that it’s cool to be nice to everyone, it’s cool to be healthy, it’s cool to be strong, and it’s cool to just be yourself and most of all, be confident in who you are!

3. Documenting this time with their friends is so important. Remembering your BFF’s from middle school and high school? Capturing magazine quality photos of them having fun are moments you and your daughter will cherish for a lifetime.

4. As kids get older, they get more irritated with their siblings, and mom and dad can become annoying. Get them around their friends, and they are happy and silly. It shows an entirely new side of them, free of eye-rolling. If you have a child that struggles at family sessions, schedule their own session. No competition with siblings, no one annoying them ….. for whatever reason, when they are in front of the camera alone, they tend to relax and be themselves when no one is there watching or bugging them.

Tween Photography Crestline

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