Sweet little man {Running Springs Photographer}

I am sure, as a first time mom, it’s tough to hand your little 7 day old baby over to someone you don’t know, only emailed and someone who claims to be a photographer. When I say I have the privilege of photographing this little one, that is really what I feel with all my newborns. It has to be so hard to hand your precious baby, the one you feed every 2 hours & the one you don’t let other people touch for fear of them getting sick, over to the hands of someone else. So it truly is an honor when parents comes to me and hands their little bundle of joy over to my hands and entrusts them with me.

This little man, was amazing. He posed on cue, he slept the entire time and I didn’t get peed on!! Seriously, how precious is this guy!! Mom and dad have been trying for 4 years for this little man, and he’s finally here! They are so excited and are enjoying all the precious moments!

running springs newborn photographer

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