Family Pictures {Pine Rose Cabins Photographer}

The last time I had the privilege of photographing this family, the kids were MUCH shorter!! 2 years ago was the last time I captured family pictures for them. They said that there was a beautiful aspen grove over near big bear. It was off a dirt road, but it was beautiful. So I followed them on a LONG dirt road. An off roading road, hiked to the aspen groves and it was beautiful. Since then I have had people ask me where those pictures were taken… I would have no idea how to get back there.

This year they decided to do them at Pine Rose Cabins. It’s a beatitude location with running water, bridges and gorgeous trees! We had a great time walking around exploring. Well, except, the dog, who wanted so badly to get in the water, and the oldest son, who was on crutches. Other than that…we had a great time and were able to get some stunning pictures of this family.

Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins photographer




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