Sky Park @ Santa’s Village {Santa’s Village Photographer}

Santa’s Village… I remember going to Santa’s Village when I was little. Our school went there for field trips. After it closed down, it was nothing. No one moved in there until the loggers moved in and it was a mess then.

When I heard it was reopening bigger and better I was so excited! This will be a place I will take my kids I thought. It will be a great place for them to get a job when they are ready, a great place for me to take pictures. Then I talked to the owner and he told me all of his plans, I knew it was going to be way more awesome than I thought.

They did a spectacular job renovating the buildings. They are all original, but they brought them up to code, made them look good and it’s stunning! They put so much money, time and energy in to this project and it’s really beautiful!

It’s not fully open yet, they are hoping by mid next year they will be in full swing. But even right now, there are so many things to do and see.

rock climbing {inside and outside}

dump truck playground

ice skating


letters to Santa

meeting Santa

pedal cars

rock mining


elf training


food & drinks

I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

EVERYTHING is included in the price of admission except for the shopping and food/drinks. Even parking is included!

It truly is awesome! And at night, it lights up so beautifully, you have to see it! They put fiber optic lights in the ground as a path to Santa’s house. There is so much detail in this place, it’s great. If you get a chance, check out Sky Park, they will be open all year-long with plenty of things to do! If you’d like to see more of the park, check out the rest of the pictures here.

photographer at sky park at santas village



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