Family Pictures {Redlands family photographer}

Family pictures are often a stressful time. Trying to get many people together at the same day AND same time! Trying to figure out what to wear, what colors everyone can agree on. BUT it’s all worth it! Just to have everyone’s smiling faces in a picture to show generations to come. Or just to look back on. Family pictures will be passed down and shown around for a long time! When you look at the pictures, you don’t remember the stress to get there, you remember grandma and you remember the laughs you had while taking your pictures. Don’t wait to get your pictures done!

I’m so excited to see this sweet couple on their wedding day! It’s coming up quick, just a couple of months away. They wanted to give his parents the gift of family pictures. So they got his family together along with both grandmas. They have some great pictures to hang on their walls and cherish for years to come.



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