Engagement pictures…do you need them? {Lake Arrowhead Photographer}

Are engagement pictures really necessary? Are they worth it? I could just have my friend take them so we wont need them in our package. These are questions I am often asked when I meet with brides and grooms, I just wanted to take some time to touch on this subject a little bit.

Every bride wants her wedding photos to have that relaxed, natural and romantic look you see all over the internet and magazines. Sometimes those photos are posed and take several hours to get just the right look, but you have a wedding reception to get to, we have time restraints on the wedding day… These photos we capture for you will be memories you will look back on for years to come. your children’s children will ooh and awe over them. It’s imperative that you are relaxed and comfortable for your wedding pictures.

I do my best to get to know my couples when we meet, when we talk on the phone or through emails, but nothing takes the place of spending time together. I want to know my couples likes and dislikes, their silly stories and their journey up to this point in their lives. It’s also important for the couples to get to know me. To know who I am and my style of photography and my style of “shooting”. This time allows my couples to know what to expect, to not feel any pressure on the big day and to enjoy the time they have with me for their wedding pictures.

These sessions, you are able to show your personalities. If you want to bring a change of outfit, props, costumes… we can do it all. My engagement sessions typically run from an hour to an hour and a half. It’s very low-key and I hear, actually enjoyable. After these sessions are over, I feel like I know more about my couples personalities, how comfortable they are with each other, what they are looking to see their pictures and this time allows for them to get to now a little bit about me as well.

Most of my brides come to me and say “My fiance does not like taking pictures.” or I also hear “I can not get him to smile for any pictures, so good luck with that.” This time really helps the “groom to be” get to know me and trust me as the photographer. After these sessions I often hear from the groom “That was not to bad!”. They actually enjoyed the time we had to hang out. And they are much more relaxed on the wedding day which makes my brides happy because they get a groom who will look relaxed and who will smile!

What would I do with these pictures anyway?!

  • Large 20×30 print with matting to allow guests to sign around during your wedding reception
  • Save the date cards
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Engagement photo book with blank pages between for your guest book
  • Photos for reception centerpieces

big bear engagement photographerContact me to book your engagement session! Spring is a beautiful time for pictures, everything is blooming and the water is running!

I want to book, where do I find you?!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovesphotos

Instagram: @LOAStudios

Email: Nichol@LovesPhotos.net

Phone: 951.907.3293

Website: http://loveoneanotherphotography.com/main.php

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