A job perk {Lake Arrowhead newborn photographer}

My husband and I have two kids, both girls. They are beautiful, sweet, kind and growing WAY to fast! My youngest just turned 10 this year. Where did the time go? And the other question I ask my self… am I really that old?! Anyway, newborns, it’s not an easy stage for mommies. Especially if this is your first child. You are always doubting your self, wondering if you are doing this right, or doing that right. The thing is, you’re not alone! We ALL doubt our selves and wonder if our kids will grow up with issues that we created. And as a side note, even when they are older, your still doubting yourself! You do the best you can, love them, hold them, nurture them, pray for them and then enjoy the stages. Before you know it, your newborn will be 10 and you will wonder. Where did the time go?

This sweet little girl was 3 weeks old when she came to see me. She was not into sleeping at all! She wanted to see what was going on, but she was a joy! I don’t have little babies any more -we are not having any more little babies but one of the perks of my job is that I get to hold and snuggle these sweet bundles of joy. My hope is that mom gets to enjoy the little break from fussing over their little one, I get to snuggle them to sleep -sometimes- and they walk away with precious pictures that will remind them of just how little they once were.

Newborns are not my specialty, there are so many A-mazing newborn photographers out there. Jenn Tuttle is one of them, you can see her https://www.facebook.com/JennTuttleLoveographer/?pnref=lhc, but I am honored when I get to do newborn sessions. I SO enjoy connecting with the parents and families of these little ones!

newborn photographer lake arrowhead

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