Birthday Pictures {Family photographer in Big Bear}

I am often asked what I enjoy photographing most, families, events, newborns… I totally love photographing toddlers.

They are so curious! They love most things and when they start talking, will tell you how it is. Don’t get me wrong, they are exhausting to run around with and it’s hard to keep random things out of their mouths. Each of them have so many different facial expressions, they freely give out hugs and blow you kisses. The tiny hands awkwardly waving goodbye and the total refusal of  keeping things like cute hats and colorful bows on your their heads. Each of these things, make for awesome candid pictures!

It’s fun to get on their levels and see the world through their eyes. Full of wonder and fascination. No, they do not always smile on que or look at the camera. But it’s the best way to capture your kids in this stage. Let them run, let them make silly faces, this is them, this is who they are at this stage and because they grow up so fast, you will want to remember, all the little things.

.birthday pictures lake arrowhead

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