Wind, rain and a beautfiul wedding! {Balboa Inn wedding photographer}

It had been amazing weather for the past couple weeks leading up to Cono & Jackie’s wedding day. The forecast said rain, but I just figured it would dissipate and be partly cloudy. Well, on our way down to Newport, it was cloudy…and rainy. The wedding was to take place at the Balboa Inn, which is a gorgeous location, just not much to offer if we needed to do inside pictures. It’s a few steps to the beach, along the boardwalk of shops and just across the street from a little park, as a photographer…there are so many options, when the weather holds up!

When we got there it was raining. It would stop for a few minutes and then rain some more. Everyone says that rain is good luck on your wedding day, but you certainly don’t want to get rained ON! I headed up to talk with Jackie, my hope was that she was not stressing about the weather. I thought she might be disappointed, but stressing about it…there is really nothing anyone can do to change the weather. I was so glad when I finally got to talk with her! She was so happy just to be getting married to her love. She was rolling with the weather, not worried too much about it, she looked beautiful and her smile was radiating! And the rain stopped!

For most of our pictures that day, the wedding party, family and the two of them, it was cold. The sun came and went behind the clouds and the wind…the wind was insane!! But look through these pictures, do they seem phased by the weather? Nope, they just look like they are so in love and so excited to start this new chapter of their lives!

They both have a heart for other people! They love giving and helping. They were married last Saturday, but I promised Jackie I would have at least a few pictures for her before she leaves on Friday. She is headed to Taiwan for five weeks as a missionary to help rescue women from sex trafficking. Jackie, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and I will be praying for you while you are on your trip!!


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