Sweet baby girl {newborn photographer}

Siblings! I am the oldest of three kids. I have a sister and a brother, and while we were young, I’m sure we drove my mom crazy! The whining, the arguing and constant needing…something. I’m sure people said, “oh, they are so cute!” “How sweet your kids are!” “Enjoy them while they are at this stage” all the while, she was trying to maintain who she was, trying to get a shower in and maybe eat from her own plate of food every once in a while.

Being a mom of two girls my self, when they were little I often heard, “enjoy every stage”, “it’s only a stage, it will be over soon” “don’t they grow up so fast?!” I used to… not love those comments. Especially in the middle of a tough day when I wanted to pull my hair out because my daughter was eating dog food and my dog was eating her food!

But you know what, I’m saying that to all my new moms. My moms of toddlers, moms who I talk to that are having a tough day. I’m the one saying, they grow so fast, enjoy every stage.

Being a mommy is H.a.R.d! Growing little humans and showing them how to navigate life, how to be kind and humble, how to have fun, try new things and be careful and responsible all that the same time. Praise God for moms who love with everything they have, and sometimes more than that!

Back to siblings… I’m so thankful for my siblings! They are a blessing from God and I’m so glad to call them friends now. NOW, not so much then, but now. LOL

So, mommies of little kids. When your kids are screaming, arguing and just making you feel like you’ve lost control. Know that they will grow up, love you more than you can even think is possible and they will hold their siblings close to their hearts!

These three… Are so cute and they are at such a fun stage!  😉

studio newborn photographer

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