San Moritz lodge wedding {San Moritz Wedding Photographer}

I love what I do! Every wedding is unique and every couple is different! No two are the same!

One thing I LOVE, is when my couples trust me. They know if I ask them to walk through this over grown patch of grass, that I see something that will turn out great. They know that if I ask them to do something silly, they trust that I have a shot in mind. Often times, it’s not the silly thing that makes the great picture, it’s them laughing at themselves in that moment that is the great picture.

I can capture so many more great moments when you trust me in what I do. It’s tough to follow a shot list, because I’m more focused on the shot list than I am capturing the day as it happens. Of course, let me know if there is a special image you want, or a pose you love! I want to know those things, but trust your photographer! Trust me to do my job, trust me to get the shots you hired me to get and enjoy your day! Don’t stress about what I’m doing, let me capture you in the moment!

Jim & Jackie are a lovely couple! I was blessed to meet them and do their engagement pictures before the wedding day. We had so much fun hiking to heart rock!

When I got to San Moritz on the big day, she could not wait until they got to their first look! She looked stunning! These two could not keep their eyes off each other! It was so sweet, they enjoyed their wedding day, loved having friends and family around and I was able to capture some beautiful pictures of this sweet couple! Thank you both for trusting me!

wedding photographer for san moritz lodge


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