Wedding by the lake {San Moritz Lodge wedding photographer}

San Moritz lodge is a beautiful location for a wedding! What a sweet couple these two are! They were both all smiles all day! It’s so much fun for me to photograph couples who like to be close and snuggly, and these two were! You can see the love radiate between them in their eyes and how their faces light up when they see each other!

When I arrived at the venue, the bride was all dressed and ready for her and almost husband’s first look. As we were walking down to where he was waiting, she was fighting with her veil {because it was a pretty windy day} she said the veil was “crunchy”. Never hearing a veil described like that before, I asked about her statement. That is when she proceeded to tell me that it was her grandmas veil that she wore at her wedding 54 years ago. Which is why it was a little “crunchy” How beautiful is that? The picture on the top right of the images below, is her grandma who wore the same veil so many years ago.

photographer at san moritz lodge


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