Love at the Lake {Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photographer}

This wedding could not have been more gorgeous! From the bridesmaids dresses, her flower crown and the big smile on each of their faces as they became one.

These two were quite a joy to photograph. They laughed, smiled and snuggled perfectly!! People ask if I’m a posy or a candid photographer. I am neither. I will find the location that has beautiful light along with a complementary background and ask you to get close, to kiss, snuggle, enjoy the moment!! I will direct you to make your posture straight, to rotate a little bit so I can see both your faces or walk hand in hand, but my goal is to make YOU look natural. Not some contorted pose that you don’t even recognize your self in. I’m looking for genuine smiles and laughter. I want YOU to shine through these images. I want you to look back at your wedding pictures and see the love you have for each other looking back at you. So, what is my style? Natural, romantic and genuine.

Congrats to this sweet couple! I wish you both an amazing first year of marriage!!

rustic mountain weddingLocation: San Moritz Lodge, Crestline

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