The good and the bad about mini sessions Part 1 {Lake Arrowhead family Photographer}

This last weekend I did my fall family mini sessions! I found a great location, seriously, it was gorgeous! Scheduled them and they all booked up rather quickly! I don’t typically offer family mini sessions, but thought I’d give it a try! Well, much to my surprise, like I said, they all booked up! People were excited about them! Today I’m going to give you the good/great things about mini sessions! Be sure to check out tomorrows post, I will give you the bad things about mini sessions as well! If you’d like to know when the next set of mini sessions are please be sure to follow my blog!! My blog family are always the first to know!!

The great things about mini sessions.

They are quick! For my traditional sessions, I read the kids and when the kids are done, I know I’m done taking pictures. Well, with mini session and little kids, by the time they are totally done, my time is up anyway. So moms are happy because it was quick and the kids are happy that it went so fast!

If  you would rather just a few images. If you don’t really want to many pictures, just a couple to update your walls, this is great! 15/20 minutes allows to get enough images to choose from. Most families we were able to get just the kids together, each child alone and a few family pictures!

I can photograph more families with the beautiful soft golden sun. With a traditional session, it’s about 45 minutes to an hour. So it’s usually one family who gets the best time and then the others are just before it or just after that beautiful light. But with mini sessions, we were able to get 3 families during that perfect light!

Cost effective! Because the session are Mini, everything is mini. With a typically family session we photograph for about 45 min to an hour. My families are receiving between 30-40 images to view online and order from. The average family spends about $310 for their family session and the high-resolution digital files. Well, with the mini session, it’s about 15/20 minutes, you get to view 15-20 images and choose 7 high-resolution files to print as you’d like. Mini time, mini pictures and mini cost!

I’m excited to share the first three awesome families who I had the pleasure of photographing the first day of mini sessions.



This is the Wisman family. I’ve had the joy of photographing their family for a few years now! The kids are growing so fast, to fast!! It’s always great to catch up with them and hear the kids stories about school!

outdoor family pictures in the mountains



This is the Carlson Family. I have been with them since their wedding day! It’s so fun to watch their family grow and the kids grow! They live right up the street from me and I hear that Big Brother is always waiving at my house/me as they drive by! I love that!!

big bear family photographer

This is the Kimes family. I have knows mom for a while through church and wedding venue in Crestline. I have never had the chance to photograph her family thought. She heard I was doing mini sessions and asked for this to be her birthday present. I feel so honored that I get to create pictures of their family for her birthday, that’s what she asked for! Anyway, their family is really, really awesome! We had fun moving through the forest!

crestline family photographer


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