Just 4 Kids {Photographers in Redlands}

I can not say enough GREAT things about Dr. Rick and his staff at Just 4 Kids pediatric dentistry!

We found Just 4 Kids when my oldest daughter was about 6 and she had some traumatic and SUPER awful dentist experiences at this point. I cried taking her to the dentist and she was crying when we left the dentist. It was super terrible, but I knew I had to take her, that is something you just have to do, not an option!

So listening to KSGN I hear an ad for Just 4 Kids and thought I’d check them out. They were super SUPER awesome and understanding of what experiences she had already had. They were gentle, so kind and they talked to hear! The kids get to put on some really cute sunglasses, they lay back and watch a cartoon that is mounted to the ceiling. They staff sings the songs, OH, when you walk in and check in, they announce “Kaylie is here” and then from the back you hear the staff yell back “Hi, Kaylie!”

Really, I can’t say enough about them! They are so kind and so much fun! And yes, that is them dabbing, LOL If you need a dentist who will love your kids, take care of them in a kid friendly interactive way, you NEED to check out Just 4 Kids! They have offices in Riverside and Redlands!

just 4 kids dentistry redlands



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