Cake Smash! {Lake Arrowhead Family Photographer}

Cake smashes are so much fun to photograph! Especially because I get to let the kids make a mess and watch the smiles grow on their faces!

Typically a 1-year-old doesn’t make the mess you’d think or that parents desire for these types of sessions. We spend the first year telling them not to play with their food then hand them a big plate of cake and say, Play with your food. So often times they look and feel maybe make a little mess and then I tell the parents to get in their to make the mess with the babies hands, rub it on their face and tummy, then we get the results that we are hoping for.

Well, this sweet little man didn’t need any help. He got right in there, was excited about it from the beginning and went to town! I LOVE the last one where he is eating the plate!

Cake smashes don’t need to be a huge set up, if there is too much going on, then it distracts from the baby. So minimal is good! I brought a few crates and asked mom to bring a few things he plays  with or something he loves, these pictures are the results. Simple. Sweet. Messy

photographers in big bear


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