Outdoor Fall pictures {Big Bear family photographer}

This family is so cute and so sweet! When she wrote to book a family/maternity session a few weeks back, we set a date and were all ready. Well, the day came and it was so foggy at times I could not see across the street. Their schedule was limited and her husband works nights…but we decided it was best to reschedule. After looking at their calendar we settled on the next day at 8:30am. Typically it’s no problem, I’m a morning person, so the time was great for me. Well, on this morning, it was 36 degrees and super windy. Pretty much freezing. I had 2 layers of sweatshirt/jackets on, my gloves, long socks and I was still freezing.

Looking at these pictures, you would not know it was so cold. This little man was such a trooper. We did a VERY quick session because of the cold, but while we were out there this little guy was shivering, his nose was red but he smiled for me. He was so great! I can’t wait to see this family again after the little one is here. They are not sure what they are having, they don’t want to know and I think it’s awesome!

Outdoor family maternity pictures

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