Beautiful Mountain wedding! {Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding Photographer}

Monday, usually Mondays are not fun for people who have enjoyed the weekend and then have to go back to work. Well, this couples Monday was awesome! They were married at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa on Monday. They started their week off right!!

They are a sweet couple! They are from the west cost and were headed to Disneyland the day after their wedding! I hope they had a great time!! Congrats again to a beautiful couple!!

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Love at the Lake {San Moritz Lodge Wedding Photographer}

Looking back on this wedding…I think that my one word to sum it up was joy. There was so much joy surrounding these two and this family! The joy of finally getting married, the joy in each of the mothers and fathers eyes for their children becoming one, the joy the family has for these two looking to their future together and the joy of the Lord was so present at this wedding! It’s so hard to explain but it was beautiful and so genuine… I felt honored to be part of this lovely day at San Moritz Lodge.

We had so much fun with their engagement pictures. They climbed rocks, walked through water and allowed me to get the shot I envisioned. Well, the same went for the wedding. They trusted me to get the pictures they wanted and I think we did just that!! I can not wait to watch these two grow closer together and eventually start a family!!

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Wedding by the lake {San Moritz Lodge wedding photographer}

San Moritz lodge is a beautiful location for a wedding! What a sweet couple these two are! They were both all smiles all day! It’s so much fun for me to photograph couples who like to be close and snuggly, and these two were! You can see the love radiate between them in their eyes and how their faces light up when they see each other!

When I arrived at the venue, the bride was all dressed and ready for her and almost husband’s first look. As we were walking down to where he was waiting, she was fighting with her veil {because it was a pretty windy day} she said the veil was “crunchy”. Never hearing a veil described like that before, I asked about her statement. That is when she proceeded to tell me that it was her grandmas veil that she wore at her wedding 54 years ago. Which is why it was a little “crunchy” How beautiful is that? The picture on the top right of the images below, is her grandma who wore the same veil so many years ago.

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Handsome young man {Greenspot farm photographer}

I remember not to long ago photographing this little baby boy his mom and dad prayed for. His parents were so excited to be having a baby and it was so sweet watching them swoon over him! Now, can you believe it, he is just about 2 years old. He has grown up so fast!! He loved this farm. The animals, dirt, trains and trucks, he loved it all!

It’s always an honor for me to be asked to photograph special occasions or milestones in people’s lives time and time again. So often I don’t see them as clients, I consider them friends!

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Burnt Mill Wedding {Burnt Mill Beach Club Photographer}

WOW. Everything was perfect!!

These two have been together for a very long time and they were so excited to be getting married! I was able to meet the grooms family a few months back when we did family pictures for them it was getting to know them a little bit.

Burn Mill Beach club is located in Lake Arrowhead and reserved for members only. It’s a little club house with a small beach and a volleyball court. It connects to the walking path which continues around the lake. They have nothing there, you have to bring it all in yourself.

These two did an amazing job decorating and preparing for this day. The ceremony was beautiful!! She read that origami cranes are good luck on your wedding day and she made hundreds of these cranes. HUNDREDS, they were displayed in the trees, in the club house…it was really beautiful!! They had Tommy’s bring their food truck up for dinner and each place setting had a  little bib with a tag that said, “when dinner gets messy.”

Congrats to the two of them!! I cant wait to watch their love grow!!

San Moritz Lodge Wedding {San Moritz Lodge Photographer}

Everything at this wedding was gorgeous! The bride, her dress, the details… stunning!! Look how vibrant her bouquet is!!

San Moritz Lodge is a location that you can do things your self. So it’s a blank canvas and every time I go there for a wedding or any event, it’s always different! I love it. Sometimes couples decorate the elaborate centerpieces on every table, sometimes they make simple decorations and set them on the windowsills. But no matter what, each and every wedding there is beautiful!

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Love this age!! {Children’s photographer in Redlands}

Oh.My this little one!!

When we first started, mom was telling me that her daughter is very shy and we may not get many smiles from her. The top left picture is after 5 minutes of trying to warm up to her and talk with her. I knew I had my work cut out for me, but I was determined to get some smiles!! So, we talked about the leafs, about the flowers in her hair and my dog. After about 10 minutes, I just knew by the end of our time, she would be smiling.

This is my favorite age to photograph. They are talking, but not well, they are walking, but still wobbly and when they are happy their entire face lights up. I had so much fun with her!! As you can see, the last picture I took, the bottom right, I got my smile!

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